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October 9, 2018
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Transform Your Home with The Shush by Maven

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Are you in search of peace and quiet within the bustling metropolis? Enter The Shush System by Maven – the revolutionary window soundproofing solution that’s taking the market by storm. Imagine a serene bubble in your home that not only minimizes the cacophony of urban life but also boasts energy-saving advantages to boot. Keep the aesthetic charm of your windows while elevating their functionality to new heights.

The Shush SystemDiscover The Shush System

Maven’s state-of-the-art Soundproofing System is not just about silencing your space; it’s an eco-friendly innovation, designed to retain indoor warmth during winter chills and maintain a refreshing coolness in the sweltering summer heat.

What is The Shush System?
It’s a marvel of engineering – a discreetly designed sash equipped with a vibration-absorbing membrane that slides seamlessly into your existing window frames. The beauty of your home remains untouched, matching in design and color, preserving the cherished aesthetics.

How Does the Shush Work Wonders?
Prepare to be wowed by advanced sound blocking power with double glazing that doesn’t just mute exterior noise but also eliminates any drafts. The enveloping sealing membrane ensures zero noise penetration. What’s more – it’s a breeze to install, remove, and clean!

Why Choose the Shush?
The Shush Soundproofing System isn’t limited to just guarding against noise. It’s an investment in a calmer home, snug winters, and cool summers, allowing appreciable savings on your energy bills. With The Shush, the question isn’t why; it’s why not!

Maven’s Soundproofing – Your Best Bet Against Noise

Stand apart with Maven’s leading retrofit system, engineered specifically for unparalleled soundproofing performance.


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We all know a little bit about how noise behaves: The nearer the source of sound, the louder the sound. The degree of loudness decreases as the distance of the source increases. Moving away from the source of noise is one good way of getting rid of noise.

Another way is to put a barrier between the source of noise and yourself. When your neighbour’s dog starts howling and growling, you shut the door and the windows to keep the unwholesome sound out. Of course, hiding behind a thick concrete wall works better.

The Shush Noise Proofing Solutions by MAVENTM observe these principles. In addition, It employs such scientific techniques of dampening, absorption, and decoupling.

How The Shush Outperforms

Noise – a puzzling phenomenon we often simplify by distance management. We know the basics; louder at close range, fainter with space. But retreat isn’t always an option. That’s where The Shush steps in with techniques grounded in the science of sound.

Dampening The Din

This materials are treated with a dampening compound during production, rendering them into non-vibrating “dead panels,” which significantly reduce sound transmission.

Absorbing Acoustics

Neutrality is key in The Shush’s design – neutralizing frequency imbalances within layers through significant mass absorption. By identifying and optimizing for the ‘coincidence dip,’ the point of weakest sound resistance, these windows hit the high note on noise cancellation.

Decoupling Disruption

Every window is an independent masterpiece, installed with unique decoupling techniques to break noise’s direct pathway and maintain your sanctum of silence.

Maven’s The Shush System isn’t just a window solution; it’s a quality-of-life enhancement. If you’re ready for a significant change in how you experience your home, don’t hesitate. Ready to step into the future of urban living with us?

Contact Maven today and revolutionize the way you live. Call us at 1300 812 201 for your soundproofing transformation.

How The Shush Soundproofing Solutions Suppresses Noise

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How The Shush Soundproofing window Works

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