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Maven Noise Cancelling/Proof Windows

MAVEN™ Noise proofing solutions is a patented innovation developed by Maven that will give you relief from the noise that disturbs the peace and quiet you ought to enjoy in your home.

Our glass noise insulation windows can reduce noise production by up to 80%.

MAVEN™ Noise proofing solutions feature a second window installed behind your existing design. These two parts maintain a gap between them. When properly sealed from leakage of unwanted temperature and moisture, this space is responsible for soundproof windows in Melbourne. The noise-proof windows technology is suitable for windows and other likely sound-sensitive areas of your home.

These designs, crafted with top-notch materials and skill, could end up costing less than lower-quality versions.

Many great benefits come with having soundproof windows in Melbourne

  • Reduce all sorts of outside city traffic noise, like car horns, screeching trams, and trains
  • Save 20% to 40% on your annual energy bills
  • Blocks noise from low flying aircraft or commercial airlines, if you live close to an airport
  • Ensure your baby can sleep soundly, even in the presence of outdoor construction or noisy garden machinery.
  • Reduce high wind noise
  • Provides brilliant security for your windows with glass noise insulation shatterproof laminated glass.

Major Features

  • Helps solve your noise problem
  • Existing soundproof windows. No need to replace anything
  • An effective sound barrier
  • High thermal value
  • Saves energy – increases insulation
  • The insulation creates a super-quiet, relaxing, low-stress environment
  • Provides a marketing advantage for the property
  • We provide only the best quality products
  • The only patented soundproofing system for Heritage homes

Maven™ soundproof windows in Melbourne are what you need for noise control, noise cancelling and noise reduction. Contact us now and get your FREE QUOTE!
Completion of SHUSH Installation

Expensive? Double Glazed Window in Melbourne Will Pay for Itself

Your soundproofed window in Melbourne designs will pay for itself. The reason for this is it gives you a bonus benefit of thermal proofing. A double glazed window not only blocks out noise from your home but also keeps it warm, making it perfect for soundproofing and glass noise insulation.

The benefit you get from soundproofing is hard to quantify. But you can easily compute your savings on energy from thermal proofing. Your energy cost can go lower by as much as 20-40%.

Take note of the experience of two of our double glazed window homeowners:

“We now have a refuge from the city outside, a lovely quiet, peaceful place for lazy Sunday mornings without the thwacking of hockey pucks disturbing us! Our room is much warmer in the winter as well, with the draft stopped and the general coldness that used to come through the glass significantly less,” said Liz & Paul Hackett of South Yarra in a letter to us.
“The reduction in traffic noise is amazing and we would highly recommend the Maven system, a further side benefit is that we are also noticing that our home retains its heat in winter (and we are sure it will be cooler in summer) better and longer”. wrote Gabrielle of Carlton.

No Need to Replace Your Existing Window

You can install MAVEN™ Noise-proof windows in your home without needing to remove your existing windows. These designs work better than any replacement window.

MAVEN™ Sound Proofing Solutions' Retrofit feature ensures that double glazing seamlessly fits into your existing designs, regardless of their characteristics. This minimizes expenses and streamlines work hours. Plus, it preserves the aesthetic features, providing top-quality Noise-canceling windows in Melbourne with effective glass noise insulation.

“I was also surprised by the appearance of the installation,” said Dr. Michele Roberts of Malvern, Victoria 3144 in a letter to us.
“It fits snugly within my existing window frame and is not remotely intrusive or unattractive. Being timber, it blends nicely with my existing decor and I hardly notice the difference. It is very easy to use and softly opens and closes with a slight pull of the handle. I am extremely happy with the product and would highly recommend it to others.”
Noise-proof existing window

Laminated Glass

Only Quality Materials for Our Double Glazed Windows:

For our double glazed windows MAVEN™ Noise-proof windows solutions use only laminated safety glass specially engineered for sound reduction. It has an inner PVB (polyvinyl butyral) layer of plastic sandwiched between two glass panes under heat and pressure. The resulting material becomes a single unit and appears like a normal glass.

We choose PVB for its sound adhesiveness and high transparency. It renders the glass shatter-proof, providing protection from disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, bomb blasts, and intruders.

The framework securely presses the laminated safety glass alongside the glass of your current window, preventing vibrations.

We design our sashes with an isolating membrane that insulates them from noise transfer through the framework.

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