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Draft proofing your windows and doors is the necessary first step to improving the thermal performance of your home. A home that is vulnerable to draft is uncomfortable to live in – extremely cold in winter and extremely hot in summer. To control the temperature inside the home entails huge expense in energy.

The Maven Draft Proof Windows in Melbourne offers one of the cheapest and efficient ways in solving the problem of draft and can save you as much as 20-40% in energy cost.

Timber and aluminium windows and doors require a tough weather seal that performs exceptionally well beyond any long-term performance guarantee. For Maven Draft Proofing Solutions we use only Schlegel Olon™ weather seals that maintain their exceptional performance in any climatic condition, does not shrink, stretch, or go out of shape. Come rain, come sun, the Maven Draft Proofing Series Weather Seal, the Ultimate Weather Seal, endures!

Maven has exceptional success with AQUAMAC™ and QLON™

With over 50 years of global experience in the design and manufacture of outstanding window and door products, it is little wonder that Schlegel has become Maven’s first choice.

The Unique Aquamac and QLON weatherseal have been developed in consultation with our customers to offer the widest range of seals possible for windows and doors. The unique design has made Aquamac and QLON impervious to paint and stain, while still providing some of the best energy saving performance characteristics currently available.

Draught proofing windows that are backed by our lifetime guarantee, Aquamac and QLON will never let you or your customer down, making it a highly cost-effective way of offering continuous high standards of weather sealing, year after year.


Specially designed to meet the different demands of windows and doors, Aquamac and QLON maintains consistently high standards of energy efficiency, often exceeding any long-term window performance guarantees.

  • Eceptional performance maintained over a wide temperature range. Doesn’t shrink or stretch, even in extreme climatic conditions.
  • Excellent memory - retains its original shape year after year to maintain a consistently high standard or weatherseal.
  • Kerf tolerances have been increased and are more forgiving of your manufacturing process -2.7mm ± 0.3mm.
  • Compensates for window movement.
  • Lower insertion forces speed up fitting by 15%

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