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Relief From Melbourne's Increasing Energy Cost with Terminal Windows

As a Melbourne homeowner you bear a heavier energy cost burden simply because Melbourne has a colder winter than other mainland Australian state capital cities. The average minimum temperatures in the Melbourne winter months of June through to August are 6-7 degrees Celcius. In this harsh winter temperature, a poorly insulated home will be very difficult, and expensive, to keep warm.

Maven Double Glazing, can help relieve you of the increasing burden of the cost of energy in keeping your home warm and comfortable throughout the day and night.

Maven Double Glazing Solutions features the double glazed technology for windows and other likely heat sensitive areas of your home like doors, skylights, and glass areas. In double glazing, a second window is installed behind your existing window forming two glass panes. A space is maintained between these panes. It is this space, provided it is properly sealed from leakage or intrusion of unwanted temperature and moisture that is responsible for giving you energy efficient windows and proofing your home from cold. The air trapped between these glass panes acts as an insulator that prevents heat inside your home from escaping. For the space to work properly and provide insulated windows, it must be airtight and moisture-free.

Maven Double Glazing Solutions are designed for installation in your home without need to remove or replace your existing glass windows. The Retrofit feature makes the double glazed windows adaptable to your existing windows whatever their size, shape, color, design, and material. This means that expense is minimized and work hours properly rationalized, and the existing features of your windows are properly preserved or retained.

Maven uses only safety glass to AS1288, Australian Standard 2006 for our double glazed windows. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the safety glass is Laminated, giving a very high security value.


  • Helps solve your problems with extreme cold during winter and extreme heat during summer.
  • Very high thermal value
  • Saves energy, increases insulation
  • No need to replace windows
  • Creates a super-quiet, relaxing, low stress environment
  • Provides a marketing advantage for the property

And not only these benefits from our thermal proof windows. MAVEN Double Glazing Solutions gives you at no extra cost to you the additional advantage of NOISE PROOFING your home.

If you're among the countless homeowners in Melbourne who suffer from high energy cost just to keep you and your family warm during winter, it's time you should know that you can effectively and efficiently bring down your expense on energy by as much as 20-40%.

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