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The Challenges For Homeowners When selecting the Right Double Glazing for Noise Proofing of Heritage Windows


Many homeowners assume that all double glazed windows offer adequate best noise reduction. However, this is not the case. Many window installation companies make misguided claims regarding double glazing and noise proofing.

While traditional double glazing does offer a slight improvement in noise reduction, only secondary glazing can be considered an effective noise cancelling solution.

When people in Melbourne start thinking of upgrading their heritage windows, they often struggle to make the right decision.  The right company with the right solution can save time, energy and offer the best insight into the process.

The experts from MAVEN have identified the most common challenges for homeowners and specialise in providing the perfect solution based on the customer’s requirements.

Some of the reasons homeowners choose to install double glazing windows include:

  • Better insulation
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Reduces outdoor noise
  • Increases the value of your house
  • Less condensation on your windows

If better insulation and energy efficiency is of primary concern, double glazing windows would be a great fix. However, if you are looking for noise reduction or noise cancelling, then secondary glazing that provides soundproof windows is most likely a more suitable solution.

MAVEN is a recognised professional and manufacture beautiful custom double glazing and secondary glazing solutions for heritage windows offering residents in Melbourne with exquisite and most suitable window solutions.

The basic challenge homeowners fight with during the double glazing of their windows planning is selecting the right window solution. Partially due to today’s information age of the internet. Initially they may not possess in-depth knowledge of window types, but, after browsing online they soon find out that there are some important considerations.  They may start out just wanting a renovation that offers comfort, beauty, noise and heat reduction. However, it is essential to identify the differences between each of the windows on the market in order to make the right decision.

Few common concerns of heritage homeowners are:

Homeowners need to identify their requirements and then be clear on what properties they are seeking from the windows to get the best value and performance.

The Big Question

Double glazing for thermal of noise proofing?

Thermal Double Glazing requires an IGU (insulated glazing unit)

This is two pieces of glass with a 12mm gap, Vacuum sealed glazing and typically filled with an inert gas ( argon gas).

IGU,s  are the perfect solution for excellent thermal performance, but, unfortunately, perform poorly for noise proofing performance in heritage homes ( ref;  Viridian performance data).

Noise Proof Double Glazing Requires a Secondary Glazing system

This is two pieces of glass with a 50mm to 100mm air gap. The glass must be two different types, for example; annealed and laminate or toughened and laminate. With one piece being approx. twice the thickness of the other. A membrane is also installed between the materials to reduce vibration transfer.

The Shush Double Glazing System

Maven has created the Shush Double Glazing System which incorporates both excellent thermal and noise cancellation performance specifically for heritage windows. Maven offers a range of choices for the heritage homeowner looking for stylish high-performance noise proofing.

Conveniently, the Shush upgrades can be done in various stages, so, homeowners can decide their budget and commit to each step in stages.

The team at MAVEN can help you plan the entire installation of the Shush Double Glazing System without putting a strain on your hard earned dollars.

If you’re curious about what double glazed windows cost in Melbourne, call our friendly team today for an obligation free appraisal.