About Maven Double Glazing


“We can understand and identify with our clients on this endeavour, as it has been our obsession for the past 25 years of renovating and upgrading heritage windows. “ Darren Lacy, Maven Double Glazing.

Maven Double Glazing is a unique company serving the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne by offering custom-made window solutions for Heritage homes.

Dr. Michele Roberts of Malvern, Victoria 3144 in a letter to us. “It fits snugly within my existing window frame and is not remotely intrusive or unattractive. Being timber, it blends nicely with my existing decor and I hardly notice the difference. It is very easy to use and softly opens and closes with a slight pull of the handle. I am extremely happy with the product and would highly recommend it ”

Our Story

1994 – Windows Time

Maven Double Glazing first started in 1994 under the name of Craftsman Window Renovations by Master Builder and carpenter Darren Lacy and his small team. They installed a wide variety of window and glazing solutions with the emphasis on noise reduction and thermal control. The business grew and became known for its excellent service.

1998 – Going for Old

The speciality custom-made windows solutions Darren and his team were able to provide for the unique Victorian and Terraces homes, saw the business move into a new direction. These beautiful houses usually require individual solutions when renovating or repairing, and owners are passionate about staying sympathetic to the original character.

2001 – Our private Workshop

It soon became obvious modern window companies could not handle our clients’ specific needs. So we created a workshop just for them. Here the team are able to custom-make the hundreds of different sizes windows that makeup the graceful homes of areas such as Malvern, Toorak and Hawthorn. Modern homes usually have standard size windows throughout, with stark aluminum frames. But a Victorian villa could have a dozen different frame sizes, curved insets and intriguing frame depths.

“We can understand and identify with our clients love for their home, as it has been our obsession for the past 20 years of renovating and upgrading heritage windows.

“We make most of our the mouldings to suit your installations, and keep everything looking as beautiful as its original beginnings.”

2002 Inventing our ‘SHUSH’ system

(keeps the outside OUT!) As the inner suburbs grew from secluded to intruded with busier roads, we knew we could find a better noise blockout. So the precision-fit SHUSH system came to bring peace and quiet back to your home. “We personally know all about the advantages of living in quiet and thermally efficient homes created by well-fitting windows.”

Today‘s news for Yesterday’s beauties It’s tremendous news as modern technology has finally caught up! There’s heaps of beautiful ideas in our solutions bag. You can expect extremely modern techniques and materials with traditional skills and values. Our aim to is to help our clients make the most informed decision. Darren oversees all projects from start to finish, just to make sure we get the detail right the first time. All our clients receive a 5 year warranty on materials & workmanship.

That’s our journey! Here’s how to start yours – call 1300 812 201

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